Photo by Franck Olivier GRONDIN/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Franck Olivier GRONDIN/iStock / Getty Images

I was interested in knowing why people were loyal to certain brands and what prompted them to choose one brand over another.  This led to my study of the psychology of marketing from as far back as the 1920's to the present day and how it continues to evolve over time.  

The knowledge I acquired enables me to determine the most effective way to present your unique message to your target market, as well as how to expand your potential client base.


"Don't tell me the moon is shining.  Show me the glint of light on the broken glass." - Anton Chekov



Whether it's a simple post for your social media platform or something with more content like a blog, website, or article - presenting a polished end product will help ensure your audience not only pays attention, they take action.

Freelance Writing

I have over 25 years experience as a professional writer and have written for a vast number of clients in various industries, both local and national, while covering a wide variety of topics. These include agriculture, metaphysical, automotive, textiles, pet supplies, travel, home/garden, culinary, the arts, and industrial/oilfield services.

With regard to my fees, I charge a flat rate of $80 an hour with the option of creating a package specific to your needs/budget if the project is going to require considerable time to complete. Once we have a chance to outline the project you have in mind, as well as discuss your expectations we can come to an agreement with regard to what works for us both.

Professional Bio - $150

No matter what we have to offer, it's easy to focus on our work and forget about ourselves. The internet has made it possible to compete on a global scale. That is why it's imperative that you bring your unique story to the forefront. What makes you different from everyone else in your industry? I can help you determine that and create a bio that is professional, polished, and free from the cliches and copy clutter we so often encounter.

Business Profile - $200

It isn't enough to be passionate about what you do. You have to be able to convey that passion, paint a picture, communicate your vision. I can help you by creating a business profile that is clear, concise, and unique to you. Something that will draw your potential client to you and encourage them to stay.

Social Media Boost Package - $700

I will provide Social Media posts written, polished, and ready for publication. Each of these posts will focus on a single product or idea and will educate your potential clients. They would also be crafted so that they could be used multiple times to create and maintain brand awareness.

Marketing Package - $900


Business profile / Professional Bio

30 Social Media posts written, polished, and ready for publication

I am amazed by how many businesses book advertising campaigns and don't yet have any branding in place. I will help you develop a Tag line / Slogan that is truly unique and will speak to your potential client. This will also aid you in cementing your brand in the mind of the public.

You will also receive vital information and guidance about how to pair the right image with each your posts to increase your presence and boost brand awareness, as well as how to brand those images so they are instantly recognizable.

Custom Tailored to You

Perhaps one of these packages isn't exactly what you need. No problem!

Contact me today and let’s discuss how I may be able to help you with a one time collaboration.



Sometimes, all it takes is a second set of eyes.  A professional who can take your copy to the next level while keeping the overall message intact.  I understand how much of yourself you put into your work and how important it is that it remain your own.  Let me help you communicate your intentions, emotions, and message with clarity.

I charge a flat rate of $80 an hour for my editing services, with the option of creating a package specific to your needs/budget if the project is going to require considerable time to complete. Once I know the scope of the piece you need assistance with, we can come to an agreement with regard to what works for us both.

Photo by Popartic/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Popartic/iStock / Getty Images


When Diana and I opened Babycakes Cupcakery in 2008 we spent years on recipes and business plans. We took our time being creative and strategic in the development of our branding and took pride in being so personally responsible in the success of our small business. One thing we learned along the way was that the advertising portion of our branding and marketing was something we were unfamiliar with and unable to do on our own. This time we would have to put ‘our baby’ in the hands of someone we did not know. To trust that person to respect us, our company, our product, and our vision enough to give our ads as much thought and creativity as we had done since the beginning. When we were introduced to our writer Kelly Thompson, we knew immediately that our pride and joy was in good hands. She understood immediately what we were looking for. A commercial that would stand out from the others. An ad that could speak to our potential customers as well as we thought we could personally do. What she was able to do for us has been amazing! She has always been extremely creative, thorough, and dedicated to making our ads stand out on air. Now her commercials are an invaluable piece of our Babycakes brand. Four years later it’s easy to measure that it still works, as we have customers (new and old) who comment on our catchy commercials daily! Exactly what a business owner hopes to achieve. Kelly has been wonderful to work with and we are always proud to share her name with others when we are asked on a regular basis. Who is the voice on the radio? Who does your commercials? Who would you recommend to help me brand my company? Our friend Kelly, that’s who! We look forward to many more years being creative with one of the best writers in the business. Thanks Kelly!
— Andrea Fox, Co-owner of Babycakes Cupcakery, Red Deer Alberta
The quality of the work was phenomenal and the fact she delivered what I needed in record time far surpassed my expectations
— Jeff Weiss, Comedian
Kelly Thompson has been a much needed resource to get my small business off the ground. Her rates were just right and her gentle yet effective hand has helped me take my writings to print ready in a short amount of time. She has a quick wit that really comes through in her edits and dealing with her is always a pleasure. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Vyviane Armstrong - Land, Sea, and Sky Travel
Kelly has used her wordsmithing genius to polish & clarify the copy on a number of my projects. She knows exactly what I’m trying to say and let’s my message shine through beautifully. I would recommend her for any copywriting job and look forward to working with her in the future.
— Creating Juniper