Top 5 Reads For All Hallows Eve

Samhain.  All Hallows Eve.  Halloween.  A time when the veil between worlds is thin.  A time when you disguised yourself to blend in with the spirits who roamed the earth, in order to avoid being taken back with them.

For some reason, we love being scared.  We may deny it, but it's true.  Having said that, the level of fear that each of us can tolerate definitely varies and each of us has a limit.  Are you ready to test yours?

I was given this copy of "Bitten" at a booksellers event.  In an age of sparkly vampires, some will see this werewolf book and scoff, but I encourage you to give it a chance.  

It isn't easy being the only female werewolf.  But Elena has decided that it isn't going to stop her from having a "normal" life.  But when the Pack reaches out, she has to decide if she's going to embrace her true nature or turn her back on them for good.

I read this book in two sittings and immediately started recommending it to anyone who would stand still long enough to listen.  This is the first book in Kelley Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series and a fantastic introduction to the world she has created.  

"Dark Inheritance" is extra frightening because it's entirely plausible.  It involves a group of scientists who are asked to conduct an experiment, raising bonobos chimps in their homes.  This story makes you think about how far people are willing to go in the name of science and whether or not we're willing (or even capable) of dealing with the consequences when the experiment moves in a direction we weren't expecting.

"The Dwelling" isn't a gore-filled, terrifying white knuckle ride.  It's worse.  Fabulously spooky, this is a ghost story in it's pure form.  The kind of tale you'd tell around a campfire.  I absolutely love this book and have re-read it five times.

While you go into the story knowing the basic premise (haunted house, people move in but they never move out, etc.) The intricate web woven by Susie Moloney soon pulls you in and refuses to let go.  Just when you think you know the whole story, you get to the last few pages and... POW!  

Next, "Comes the Blind Fury" by John Saul.  I could have easily had 5 John Saul titles on this list.  He's one of my favorite authors and a master of ghost stories.  My Mom was a member of the Doubleday Book Club when I was growing up and I still remember taking her hardcover copy of this book off the shelf and reading it in about three sittings. 

His stories are filled with beautiful old houses by the sea and characters who, while they seem quite "normal" to their neighbors, often have secrets-upon-secrets and hidden agendas.  John Saul's books kept me awake many nights, yet I can't stop myself.  Much like revisting old friends, I re-read them on a regular basis.

"Comes the Blind Fury" involves a little girl whose family moves to a big house on Paradise Point.  It seems like the ideal life, until she finds an old doll in her closet.  Then Amanda comes forward through the mists, whispering to her, promising to be her friend if she'll just do one thing for her...

The quote on the bottom of the cover says it all.  This book is REALLY scary.  Probably the scariest book in my library.  In fact, it is so scary, I haven't been able to read it a second time.  Yet, I can't bear to part with it because it's so well written.  

I could have easily made a Top 10 list, but I thought that may be a bit much.  Besides, I want to save something for next October.  So tell me, what is your favorite read for All Hallows Eve?