This week's reading

This week's message comes to us via “The Fairy Ring” oracle by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.

“Will O' The Wisp” reminds us not to allow ourselves to become so immersed in fantasy that our responsibilities are neglected. Promises to family and friends, obligations at work, even self-care can be left by the wayside if we are led astray. Sometimes something as simple as a coffee date with a friend can keep you on course.

Time to sweep those dust bunnies out from under the couch, respond to those emails, and remember the things you promised yourself would be done. If the deadline has passed, it's not too late. Set another and STICK WITH IT.

I offer private readings, from a three card past/present/future spread to something more in-depth. Contact me for details and see what messages are waiting for you.


A reading to start the week

I have decided to start each week with a single card reading, posting it here for you. This week's card is “The Messenger” and comes from “The Heart of Faerie Oracle” by Brian and Wendy Froud.


The message I am getting is “People do not value that which they get for free”. Ask yourself, is there something you are currently offering for free that you really ought to be charging for? Sometimes, our talent comes easily and thus we do not value it in the way we should. I was that way with my writing, offering to help people write this and that at no charge because I didn't feel right accepting payment. But I recently grew to value my talent and realized that there should be an equal energy exchange. Sometimes that involves money, other times it is another form of currency.

I did a “Wheel of the Year” reading in exchange for a beautiful handmade quilt. Both parties felt the exchange was equal and fair.

I did a bit of writing for a friend's business in exchange for a scone and a cup of tea while in Ireland.

With regard to the exchange of money for my services, I have yet to find anyone who takes issue with my fees and many who say I don't charge enough. So I am taking a look at that and making adjustments accordingly, including adding two packages to my freelance business that I will be launching soon.

This also applies to your career. The first step in asking for a raise or searching for a new job is to decide your salary. It's time to stop settling for “enough to get by” and start asking for a number that fairly represents what you bring to the table.

I offer private readings starting at $40. Options vary, from a three card “Past/Present/Future” reading to something more in-depth. You receive photos of the cards, as well as a detailed write-up. Please message me privately for details.